Skype si aggiorna: nuova versione per Linux

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skypeAnche voi utilizzate Skype ma avete un sistema operativo Linux? Allora sappiate che ora potete scaricare la nuova versione del client voip più utilizzato al mondo. Una versione molto più stabile e molto più versatile date le sue possibilità di visualizzare immagini via webcam più nitide e ad alta risoluzione, supporto per il codec audio SILK, migliorata la qualità dei suoni, possibilità di inviare messaggi e intrattenersi con Chat e molto altro ancora!

Ecco il changelog ufficiale.

New features:

* High Quality Video support.
* Skype’s SILK audio codec.
* PulseAudio support.
* SMS sending support.
* Chat messages editing/removing support.
* Contact groups support.
* Typing notification in chat.
* Chat picture support (add/change/remove) for group conversations.
* Mood messages are visible in contact list and tooltip.
* Video/Mobile icons are visible in contact list.
* Bookmarked Chats are visible in contact list.
* Contact labels/tags.


* Right-clicking on the user name in the chat will open contact menu.
* A day divider is added to the chat. Timestamps are shorter for old messages.
* Clickable links in mood message.
* Enlarged tray icon, also showing number of missed events.
* Flag button is replaced by button showing number of missed events.
* Updated ALSA device detection, nicer to USB headsets.
* Birthday reminders are now displayed 24 hours before birthday.
* New events panel size adaptive to new events count.
* Quick Filter speedup optimization for contact list.
* Popup button to clean the quick filter.
* Added “Away/Not available since” tooltip for contacts.
* The menu key can also be used on a contact list to display the contact’s menu.
* Calling phone numbers of a contact can be done using context menu.
* Added flags to all country selection drop-downs.
* Your own chat message author’s name is shown with slightly darker color.
* Show reason of leaving the chat to other members.
* Warning dialog when cancelling file transfer.
* A chat event is opened only when double clicked in the event panel.
* Links are now clickable in about me window.

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